About Me

I’m Jeremy Nusser, and I am Nusser Studios.

Anything that you can imagine in the digital or physical realm, I can build it. I started Nusser Studios in 2012 when I decided to venture out on my own as a freelance designer and developer.

I graduated from Fort Hays State University in 2008, and I’ve been working in the creative field ever since. Working with everyone from sole proprietors or corporate entities and anything in between. I meticulously vet my clientele to ensure project success. As much as I would like to help everyone, I’ve learned that this an impossible task.

My expertise is web development, but I can do it all. I create everything from logos to whole corporate identity for brands. Projects include build apps, video production, to Google Adwords campaigns or even SEO copywriting. As a result, I have a well rounded arsenal of skills that can be employed and implemented to help you and your business.

While I enjoy geeking out over code, packaging and print is also another area of expertise. I’ve created everything from vinyl banners and print designs for trade show booths, to physical product packaging for food products or to vinyl bags for industrial markets like ice melt and fertilizer vinyl bags.

Over the past five years, my main focus has been WordPress theme development. Creating WordPress template from scratch, or building themes with frameworks like Zurb Foundation, or Bootstrap. If its a starter theme, then I’ve probably built a site with it. I’ve used everything from Underscores, Thesis, JointsWP, FoundationPress the Genesis framework by StudioPress.

In 2013, I discovered Roots 6.5.0 and it shipped with Grunt. Since then there have been many changes. Roots went from a theme to an organization, and they’ve done a lot of great things to modernize the WordPress. They’ve introduced a number of modern coding practices in the WordPress community. In addition to using Sage, I’ve also implemented Trellis. It’s a great tool for parity in local, staging and production site development. Try it out and spin up a droplet at Digital Ocean. It will definitley take some time to learn, especially if you don’t use GitHub, but it’s well worth the time it takes to learn. Trust me though, it is worth all the blood, sweat and tears to learn it.

Most of all, I love helping people, but being creative is just the icing on the cake. Take a look at some of my past clients to get an idea of my industry experience, and look at my portfolio.

Brands I’ve worked with.

  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard
  • Grasshopper Mower
  • Sterling Silver Meats
  • Klenda Austerman Attorneys at Law
  • Mears Fertilizer, Inc
  • Ryan Electric
  • Wesley Medical Center

Brands I’ve helped create.

  • Boy in the Corner
  • The Flying Stove
  • Green Hills Animal Nutrition
  • Kaleigh Estie
  • Miso Bistro
  • Orange Corduroy
  • Stafford County
  • Tile Wichita

More Information

Download a copy of my résumé in PDF format.

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