Mears Fertilizer, Inc.

Last updated: September 21st, 2018

I help companies small and large build brands. Some are a branded houses, but Mears is a House of Brands. They package fertilizer, and ice-melt for companies of all different sizes. So I’ve helped them with not only their company branding and identity, I’ve also helped them create many brands that are specific to them. They do a lot of packaging and I’ve had an extensive background in print production, and they work with printers from all over to print their brands on vinyl bags.

Working along side them for many years, I’ve managed to build and maintain their web sites as well. The current iteration is built on Zurb’s Foundation 6.43 on an NGINX server. High performant servers are a must for any company today, and Mears is no different. I’ve also built a distributor portal using WordPress that is a role based website, where administrators have the ability to add users, reset passwords, and request new products. All of the users can see full listings of only the products only specific to their company. Keeping the portal updated and ensuring WordPress and its plug-ins are up-to-date is a full time job. I’ve worked with this open-source project for over ten years, so I’m able to make it bend to my will.

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