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Last updated: June 15th, 2018
Ryan Electric Web Development Showcase
Ryan Electric Web Development

Websites that are mobile friendly that can rank in SEO are vital to any business, but its especially important to the little guys, who don’t have the capital for Google Adword campaigns. Ryan Electric came to me looking for help in bolstering their organic SERP presence. So I built them a site that would help them do just that. More than just a blog, WordPress can be a powerful content management system (CMS) that helps small companies push posts more often to increase Googles Search Console crawl rates. The right amount of tags and categories helps tremendously, if you do it correctly.

I helped Pat and his crew remove duplicate content and make it to where they could post articles instead of paying a web developer a monthly retainer to maintain their site. This is just one of the many great things that WordPress can do for small businesses across the world.

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