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Last updated: June 15th, 2018
Stafford County Website Showcase
Stafford County Website Development

The Stafford County Clerk contacted me about an overhaul of their WordPress theme, and naturally I was up to the challenge. Utilizing Zurb’s Foundation as my bedrock, I employed ACF fields for users to easily and and update site content. Since this was a small government entity, they needed to do this quickly easily. I implemented custom web fonts converted at Font Squirrel. We also needed to make the site to navigate for users of all ages. Since there are many departments and a range of services, it’s content heavy.

From a design point, I wanted to incorporate the rustic sentiment of the county, relying old and new artwork for the visual ascetics. The site is heavily integrated with Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG is great, because in many instances where you have flat design, you can save a lot of bandwidth because they’re much smaller in size, which can dramatically reduce load times. Since this was a rural area, this was an even better reason to implement and utilize this technology.

I hope everyone enjoys the site from both a visual and user experience. It’s always an enjoyable experience to create a project where a clients allow you the freedom to build a product that functions well and takes a chance on design that just isn’t too trendy.

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