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Last updated: July 25th, 2018

For the last few years food trucks have been all the rage. The Schauf brothers contacted me about branding their food truck. Jeff had been living in California for the last few years and was moved back to Kansas. The style of design he was really looking for was a graffiti style and murals. I build his logo off art he made prior to moving to California. So I build a custom made type (font for the layman). It turned out to be a marriage of two very different cultures. It works, he loves it, his customers love it. We built a great brand together.

I then helped him carry that style through to the design of the vinyl wrap that for the food truck. Combining the California sunset with the Wichita skyline. I also do the digital work for the Stove, doing their website and helping with additional collateral for social media and smaller print campaigns. We hope to be launching some streetwear that he can sell off the truck and online. When we get that up, I’ll post the link here.

The Flying Stove Truck Wrap Design - Nusser Studios Portfolio Example

I have nothing but great things to say about the Schauf brothers. Not only do they make amazing food, they’re stand up human beings who care about their customers, the planet and everything in between. I love to see my clients succeed and enjoy life along the way, because time flies by (pun intended) too fast to not enjoy it.

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